Diamond Awards Due NOW


We’re excited to announce that it’s time for the 2016 East Central District Diamond Awards!


The East Central District of the Public Relations Society of America is once again calling for shining examples of public relations campaigns and tactics for its 39th annual Diamond Awards competition.

The Diamond Awards are presented to public relations practitioners who have successfully addressed a communication challenge with exemplary skill, creativity and resourcefulness.

The Diamond Awards are open to any public relations professional who is a member of the 17 chapters of PRSA East Central District, or any nonmember whose place of business is within the district’s boundaries. The East Central District covers the states of Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

We’re also pleased to announce that the Central Michigan PRSA chapter is leading the Diamond Awards process this year and next and has some great plans in store. Last year was a learning year as we’ve transitioned planning of the awards to CMPRSA. 

Once again, please visit the host chapter’s Diamond Awards page, with payment information and further details HERE.

Speaking of which, take a moment to Save the Dates below to ensure you’re planning accordingly:

Entry Deadline: Friday, October 27, 2016
Late Entries Accepted Until: November 3, 2016 (with late entry fee payment)

Now is an excellent time to begin reviewing your campaigns and tactics for submission. Remember that strategic, multifaceted public relations campaigns that exemplify the four-step process and meet specific goals are ideal for campaigns. And a single project designed to accomplish a specific purpose that may be part of a larger campaign are perfect entries for tactics.

Start your planning now! We’re so looking forward to seeing all of the entries and winners this year. For more information, contact the 2016 Diamond Awards chair, Greg Rokisky, at [email protected]


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