PRSA’s COVID-19 Resources

PRSA’s Original Update on COVID-19

Crisis Communications Resources (On-Demand Webinars, Articles, Member Resources)

Professional Resources

In order to assist communications professionals in this challenging time, we have compiled a collection of PRSA resources that may be useful as you plan your ongoing communication. Some resources are courses that we have offered and now exist as recordings; other links lead to informative articles, blog posts and more.

We encourage you to visit MyPRSA and join your colleagues as they work together and support one another through sharing of plans, ideas and good communication.

Please check back often, as PRSA will be adding additional resources for your use as information becomes available.

Member Resources

Webinar Series from Members of the Counselors Academy

Articles and More

What You Need to Know About Economic Assistance for Small Businesses Hit by the Coronavirus Shutdown
April 2020 PRsay

How to Be a Strong Leader During This Global Pandemic
April 2020 PRsay

How to Inspire Your Teams During the COVID-19 Crisis
March 2020 PRsay

PRSSA Encouraging Students to Help #FlattentheCurve
March 2020 Agility PR Solutions

Tips for Professional Video Chat Interviews and Meetings
March 2020 PRsay

COVID-19: How Businesses are Handling the Crisis
March 2020 Institute for PR

Avoiding Communication Fatigue as Coronavirus Separates Workforce
March 2020 PRsay

COVID-19: Lessons of Past Pandemics Are More Timely Than Ever for Crisis Management
March 2020 PRsay

Being Smart and Strategic When Navigating the Current News Cycle
March 2020 PRsay

How to Help During a Co-Worker’s Unexpected Absence
March 2020 Strategies & Tactics

Preparation and Candor Are Key for Coronavirus-Related Communications
March 2020 Strategies & Tactics

4 Leaders on Facing Unimaginable Crises
December 2019 Strategies & Tactics

A Charleston Hospital’s Crisis Response to Hurricane Dorian
November 2019 Strategies & Tactics

Communicating Corporate Values After a Crisis
October 2019 Strategies & Tactics

7 Tips for Setting Up Your Home Office
July 2019 Strategies & Tactics

Remote Access: 6 Reminders for Successfully Working From Home
July 2019 Strategies & Tactics

When Facing Reputation Threats, Beware of Fast Fixes
October 2018 Strategies & Tactics

How C-Suites Engage Crisis Counselors
October 2018 Strategies & Tactics

The Role of PIOs in Emergency Responses
October 2018 Strategies & Tactics

Why Internal Communication Is Critical During a Crisis
October 2018 Strategies & Tactics

How Florida PR Pros Met Unprecedented Challenges During the 2017 Hurricane Season
January 2018 Strategies & Tactics