PRSA East Central District
2014 Strategic Plan
Adopted by the board of ECD on January 10, 2014

1.   Organizational Structure
What is PRSA: Chartered in 1947, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) is the world’s largest and foremost organization for public relations professionals. PRSA is responsible for representing, educating, setting standards of excellence, and upholding principles of ethics for its members and, in principle, the $4 billion U.S. public relations profession.  The Society has 20,000 members and its student affiliate, the Public Relations Student Society of America, has 10,000 members.

PRSA Mission (National): With the vision to unify, strengthen and advance the public relations profession, PRSA helps to build value and demand for, and global understanding of, public relations.

PRSA helps to advance for the professionals by offering:

  • professional development opportunities through continuing education programs;
  • information exchange forums,
  • and research projects conducted on the national and local levels.

What is the East Central District: One of 10 PRSA districts, the East Central District represents members in 16 PRSA chapters concentrated in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Western and Northwestern Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky. As of 2013, the District represents 2,868 PRSA members.  It includes the following chapters:

Chapter                               Members


Akron Area Chapter                  101

Bluegrass Chapter                    118

Central Michigan Chapter         152

Central Ohio Chapter                396

Cincinnati Chapter                    239

Dayton Area Chapter                  68

Detroit Chapter                         417

Greater Cleveland Chapter      278

Chapter                                             Members


Hoosier Chapter                                       431

Northwest Ohio Chapter                          94

Northwestern Pennsylvania Chapter      94

Pittsburgh Chapter                                    223

Thoroughbred Chapter                             50

West Michigan Chapter                            129

West Virginia Chapter                             110

White Pine Chapter                                  37